Why do dogs sense the storm, the earthquake, the good...
May 13, 2024
the dog

Dogs are able to comprehend natural happenings even two days in advance since they have evolved intuition.
Dogs that have a close link with their owners are also able to sense their master’s emotions. It makes sense since it can identify both right from wrong and a person’s motives, such as that of a thief. Is it not the reason, after all, why they make the best security guards and are employed in police investigations?

Natural occurrences

Some scientists think that dogs’ acute hearing—which enables them to detect vibrations in rocks beneath the surface of the ground—allows them to recognize when an earthquake is about to occur. According to seismologists, people can sense vibrations in their feet before they are perceived because of their high level of sensitivity. However, it is not determined how early it is perceived to be used in the field of prevention.


They sense the storm because of the electromagnetic field created in the atmosphere. They can feel the change in the atmosphere before the storm begins. If you have a dog in the yard or the balcony, definitely before the storm it struggles to enter the house.

Feelings and Diseases

Dogs frequently have a persistent nose for certain areas of people or the air. Studies have indicated that one can identify a sick individual by their odour. This is because, in contrast to the human nose’s 5 million olfactory cells, theirs contains 200 million.

Dogs are very good at smelling out illnesses like diabetes and cancer. They can also detect scents; when a drug addict, alcoholic, or mentally ill person comes close to them, they bark in alarm. Certain dogs have received specialized training so they can detect the beginning of a seizure and notify their owner. even the increase in sugar.


Dogs know when their pregnant owner is about to give birth. It has not been determined how they predict the birth, i.e. whether it is due to the smell of the pregnant woman or whether they understand the physical change.

Not fond of

Joy levels rise and the dog believes its master is content when dopamine and serotonin levels are high.

However, when the hormones function differently, it recognizes that its owner was upset by someone and gains the ability to identify the offender.


Because fear causes the body to generate adrenaline, they are able to sense dread in people. Because the dog will understand him, the first thing to think when an unfamiliar dog approaches is not to be terrified.

They understand the intention of each person. If they feel intimacy they will offer caresses, but if they feel threatened they will try to protect themselves by barking or having aggressive behavior. It is very likely that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also the most nimble.

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