"There is no chance of being in Europe," Armand Duka extinguishes all hopes of Skenderbeu: Even if he reaches the Final Four, he has exhausted the scales of justice (video)
May 13, 2024
Armand Duka

Armand Duka

The hope that Skanderbeu will be part of the European Cup has been extinguished. Even if the club manages to secure the first four places, it will not be able to be part of the European Cups, as the punishment continues to be from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), sentenced to 10 years of exclusion from continental cups and a fine of 1 million euros. Skenderbeu has three years left to be released from this sentence. In Korçë, they were enthusiastic that maybe UEFA would do something, but a strong blow came from the head of the AFF, Armand Duka, who, in an interview for RTSH Sport, would talk about this topic.

“Skenderbeu is penalized for not participating in the European Cups in this edition as well, regardless of whether it will be part of the Final Four. While in the future, efforts may be made, it is very difficult for Skënderbeu to participate without completing the penalty period, as he has exhausted the scales of sports justice, and not only that.”

Even as expected, since the team cannot change gears in this way according to what Skenderbeu had thought all year as a dream in the drawer, even if it comes at this moment, it is of no use. Because the red and white forgot to play on the field and failed the season with their own strength.

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