Ever wondered what happens to the coins from the famous Trevi Fountain?!
May 13, 2024

If you’ve ever been to Rome, you and the rest of the 2.78 million tourists who visit the Italian capital each year have probably tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain. Cliché? Yes. A travel litany? For sure.

A mammoth task

For example, if only half of all tourists visiting Rome throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, then 1.39 million coins are thrown every year. It’s shocking.
Due to the large volume of coins that end up at the bottom of the fountain, the floor of the attraction is cleaned twice a week to keep the fountain clean and reduce wear and tear.

@lostinlovetravel 3000 euros are collected a day on average at the Trevi Fountain! #trevifountain #lostinlovetravel #rome #travel #funfact ♬ Jalebi Baby – Tesher

So how do the Italians tackle such a mammoth task? The answer went viral on TikTok. Social media users captured footage of the fountain being cleaned, uploaded it on the social media platform and received a huge response.

First the pumps are turned off so the fountain is no longer working. The fountain cleaners then push all the coins into the center of the fountain floor with a long broom-like tool. Once the coins are collected, they are then removed with a special vacuum that collects the coins in bags. It is quite peaceful to watch,

Cleaning is done every Monday and Friday, starting at 8 am. and lasts a few hours. Each year approximately 1.5 million euros are collected from the fountain and donated to local charities. So even if your wish doesn’t come true, luckily your euro is going to a good cause.

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